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Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry other than NHS?

2008.11.14. 23:52 angloman

Well, not surprising anyone here. With new EU member countries from Central Europe the market for dental treatment opened up in these countries too.

Hungary especially competes UK dental care providers and this is not surprising. Prices are half way down - quality is of highest standards.LaPorta dental operates now in French as well: visit

All you need to do is book your air ticket and hotel room and you will find yourself in a professional environment - dental specialist, beautiful surroundings. it is like being away on holiday - and you bet you will not regret it.

How come you have not yet tried Hungarian dentists? Take a flight and meet your Irish counterparts - they know what a dental patient want: dental implants, tooth whitening, root and canal treatment and so on...

Check out opportunities at one of the availablities on the right part of this blog post and or visit

Trust me - you do not risk anything. Except for your NHS accounts...For hair transplant Hungary comes in handy too: read for more.

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